The Pompidou Centre. Inside Out

Towering Above
Towering Above

What is the best house for an art museum if not art itself? With an open heart and bones of steel, the Pompidou Centre towers naked above the French roofs of the 4th arrondissement. Among them it stands out,  an alien surrounded by mortals.

A myriad of pipes wraps the back of the building: not to protect it but to make it work. The engine of the Pompidou Centre larks in the blue, green, red, yellow, grey and white tubes, each of which carries a different service: fool-proof and ideal for any problem. At least plumbers and electricians immediately know where to put their hands!

Myriad Of Pipes
Myriad Of Pipes

In this transgressive museum, all the old conventions collapse, leaving everything inside-out and giving carte blanche to the men. This is a building for the community. A mixture between the ancient polis and the Bauhaus, where every truth is tolerated because democracy reigns.

For The Community
For The Community

It is a structure that fully belongs to our century even if it was constructed in the past one. It is innovation, rebellion, desire to go beyond and flip the charts. It represents all the expectations, all the great ideals, all the hopes for the new millennium. We cannot yet tell if all these good intentions have become true, since we are still sailing in this century, but certainly the Pompidou now stands in front of us.

Many say that this is love at second sight. For me, no doubt it was love at first sight.

Love At First Sight
Love At First Sight


  1. Amazing architecture I really enjoy going to this museum, for the exhibitions of course, but also for the building. What is also interesting is that they managed to create an agora with the space in front of the museum, people gather and talk there, youngsters dance with music, there is always animation.

    1. Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. I also enjoyed wondering through this building. When we went, there was a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition. Amazing. I don’t even know how much time we spent there. We got to the Pompidou around 10 am, visited it, walked around it, took pics in the ‘agora’ in front of it, listened to the old lady who always plays the same note, walked another time around it and finally decided to leave it around mid afternoon. The atmosphere is so friendly and artistic. You are right. The sounds, the people, the tourists and Parisians who come together…It is something more than just a building. It is a city in the city, a place of exchange and union. This building was a gamble. The architects risked and won. It couldn’t have been a greater success! Great building.

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