Central Saint Martins. A Liberty Square

Old Granary Building
Old Granary Building

Architecture is art, and in art lies its completeness. In Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, designed by Stanton Williams Architects, the two disciplines work one in function to the other. The building is like a Rubik’s cube in which all faces have the same colour: the solutions are endless and they all work. The school is designed to change, depending on the needs of the students. The interior is indefinite, with soft temporary walls that allow the campus to morph in the future.

The form of the building derives from its function, and it is achieved through a well thought process of subtraction. This process of subtraction leads to the creation of a series of empty spaces: the heart and soul of the building.

The first atrium, which connects the old granary building to the new structure, does not only belong to students, but also to the community. The space is used in all manner of ways, an arena for the annual student fashion show or a friendly game of table tennis.

The second central atrium belongs fully to the school. It is a stage where the students are the actors and the different disciplines the main characters. On that stage they interact, come together, learn from each other, they take form and ownership. Ownership of the space, of the primitive mass.

The apex of functionality is that central empty space: a space of collaboration and dialogue.

A liberty square where ideas, creativity and art are the motto.


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